A is for an Apology

It’s day 1 of the A to Z April Challenge and I begin today with an Apology for not being able to be a part of this wonderful movement this year.

I have spent the last few days surrounded by books and more books struggling to put down here all what I feel about some of my favourite characters – that was my theme – Compelling Characters. However I found that in order to recreate what I feel for them I have to re-read, sometimes the entire book. Not that the task hasn’t been pleasurable, but it is immensely time-consuming. I found myself not wanting to put down the books once I started re-reading them. That should be a good thing, right? However the April deadline left me in a flurry hurrying to get them all down. I would have had to rush through and write without fully reliving the character. Not all of them are Darcy or Potter whom I can write about in a dream. That wouldn’t have been fair either to them or you dear reader.

And then of course there’s life – life that goes on, that demands I do other things rather than just reading and writing. With all of that I decided to withdraw from the Challenge.

However the characters have come alive and refuse to let me be. They need to be written about and I shall do just that. Next week onwards I’ll feature one character a week right here. So do drop by.

Bye for now and good luck if you’re a Challenge participant. I’ll be around to read your wonderful posts.

9 Replies to “A is for an Apology”

  1. I think a once-a-week post is a wonderful way to honor your energy, your time, and devotion to revisiting old friends. I look forward to your posts whenever they arrive.


  2. I feel connected to you already… I, too, have a difficult time putting a compelling book down. Sometimes I admire people who can read a little bit each night to unwind before bed. I don’t dare! I’d keep reading until my eyes fell out, then stick them back in and continue.


  3. I completely understand. I had to bow out after only a few days last year. I could have stayed on and just thrown together some short post, but it felt like cheating. I wanted to contribute something worthwhile and while researching my topics (ones I am already very familiar with) I realized I didn’t have the time to really devote to the challenge.

    I admire your choice. That came out wrong. Not that you are not participating, but that wanted to put more into the post than you had time for. Life does happen and it often gets in the way. I am also someone who gets caught up re-reading books. It drives my husband and my kids nuts. They always say something sarcastic like, “do you think it will end differently this time?”

    Enjoy your reading.


    1. It feels so good to hear you say this. As for re-reading books – it’s not always about the outcome, often it’s more about the journey. It’s like reliving a good memory or revisiting an old friend. Glad we think the same.


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