R is for Reginald Jeeves

How many characters, even real ones, have the singular honour of having a search engine named after them? His name appears in the Oxford English Dictionary as a generic word for a valet/butler. Yeah, I know you’ve got it. Not much of a guess, is it? There really is just one Reginald Jeeves – but he’d much rather you just call him Jeeves.

He is the supercilious uber valet, (but he can also buttle with the best)  to the rather bird brained Bertie Wooster – both creations of the British humourist PG Wodehouse.

Where he came from

The character is based on a real life butler Eugene Robinson who actually helped Wodehouse out of trouble, once. Wodehouse employed him for research purposes. Most of you might know the name came from that of a popular Warwickshire cricketer Percy Jeeves. He and Wooster made their first proper appearance in 1916 in The Artistic Career of Corky.

Did you know?house-pictures-hugh-laurie-jeeves

  1. Jeeves’s first name was not revealed for 56 years till the penultimate novel in the series, Much Obliged, Jeeves. Bertie was apparently stunned to realize that Jeeves actually had a first name at all! But then that’s just so Bertie.
  2. Jeeves is a fish eater, which is what makes him so brainy, or so he says.
  3. Jeeves started off working at a girls’ school. He worked for over a dozen others before he and Wooster found each other.
  4. He has three aunts and an uncle and also a niece Mabel.
  5. He quotes from authors and poets like Shakespeare and Dostoevsky. He’s not above showing off his Latin too.

I love him because

– Of his oh-so-propah British ways

– He knows everything, everything. He cooks, cleans, sews, irons, mixes cocktails, makes the best antidote to hangover And he also knows all about horses, cars and women. He is bloody darned perfect at his job.

– He’s impeccably dressed, always!

– He is always in control and never forgets his manners. I mean never.

– He has a solution to the trickiest problem from avoiding an aunt to nipping a love-affair.

– He is a man of unshakeable principles. He once quit Bertie’s employment because Bertie wouldn’t give up playing the banjolele (an instrument which is a mixture of a banjo and a ukulele).

I wish he were mine.

(I do wonder if he would have survived in a household with a chaotic pair of twins. Just wondering…..)


Linking up to ABC Wednesday the weekly alphabetical challenge where I get to reminisce about my favourite characters from books. Do drop by and take a look at what others have come up with for the letter R.

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27 Replies to “R is for Reginald Jeeves”

  1. It’s time for me to read a Jeeves and Wooster story. He sounds so much like Mr. Belvedere, who was a butler character in a 1940s/50s movie and then in a 1980s TV series. Maybe Mr. Belvedere was loosely based on Jeeves. I wouldn’t mind having a Jeeves at least once a week.


    1. Lol! yeah I’d like to have him over too. Haven’t heard of Mr Belvedere. Must look him up. Thanks for dropping by.


  2. Jeeves, I know all about him, but I haven’t read a single book yet. I have been surrounded by so many fans though, that I have come to like Jeeves, because of people who love him. And now with you and Godma saying that you love him, I am quite tempted to read a book.


    1. Do you also remember the illustration of Jeeves that came with it? I don’t see it any longer.


  3. Have read just one PGW book, but now you have piqued my interest to read more of him to know all about Jeeves. And can I borrow him for some time especially during Aaryan’s 3 months winter vacations which start next month, please?? 😀


  4. I absolutely adore Jeeves … agree about his propah British ways… which is so funny at times. I didn’t knew his first name till now. Damn I should read wodehouse again.


    1. I also found his first name much later. I had no idea it didn’t appear in a book at all till later one.


  5. I absolutely adore Jeeves … agree about his propah British ways… which is so funny at times. I didn’t know his first name till now. Damn I should read wodehouse again.


  6. I don’t know him…. but i do see a familiar face 😉 and the person behind it, i like!

    Have a nice ABC-day/-week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ <abc-w-team)


  7. Absolutely my all-time favorite PGW character! The stiff upper lip incarnate, suave and not so servile. Never knew his first name. Wonderfully put together! Wonder whether you will do an E for Lord Emsworth or E for Empress of Blandings?! 😉


    1. Thanks Kalaravi. I already did a pig in N for Napoleon – no more for this season :-). I did consider B for Bertie but then found someone else for the letter.


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