This is how I was kindled



I was brought up as an old-school reader – the kind who uses bookmarks and book covers, the kind that goes to a bookshop, browses at leisure, makes his pick, then sits and samples it before finally putting it in his shopping basket and heading for the checkout counter. I love the good solid feel of books in my hand;  and while I may still be debating whether I like scent of an old book better or that of crackling fresh new pages straight off the press, one thing I’m sure of – I love books – the physical kind.

Then I was gifted a kindle – yeah that destroyer of all things ‘reading’ the way I knew it. It was a gift of love so I accepted it with an open mind and putting aside my prejudices I sternly told myself to give it a fair try.

I browsed through the tiny device. I marvelled a bit at how light it felt. I fiddled around with the brightness and the font size till I got it exactly the way I wanted. I found I could connect to Goodreads and Amazon, a miracle it seemed. I could look up meanings of words if the WiFi was switched on. What’s better (or worse?), the kindle editions were inexpensive, sometimes crazily so. And that’s how slowly, ever so slowly, I was sucked into the web of technology.

I’d read a book review, like it and within minutes I would be clicking onto Amazon, paying for it online and revelling in the henceforth unbelievable luxury of curling up with my read right away. Ah the thrill of impulse buying!

Yet, there are days when I miss my old friends – books as they used to be – the impatient rustle of pages as I whizzed through a Da Vinci Code or the languid turning of a Marquez as I marvelled at the beauty of its prose. And the I miss that musty aroma. Maybe they’ll learn to bottle it up one day and then I could spray it on my kindle and find solace.

The coming generations will probably not know of it at all and stop missing it completely. That thought makes me a little sad. But then The old order changeth yielding place to new. It will happen sooner rather than later.


Are you a Kindle user? If not, do you find it tempting – this idea of carrying a hundred books in one tiny device? Or are you a fan of books the old-fashioned way?

28 Replies to “This is how I was kindled”

    1. No no I haven’t, I cannot. For me the price is the guiding factor. If I find a book is way cheaper as a kindle edition I go for it else I stick with paperback.


  1. Till last year, I hadn’t seriously considered investing in a Kindle. I had been the bibliophile who went to the bookshop, browsed at leisure and bought the book, or at least bought a paperback from Flipkart. 😀 Then I borrowed my friend’s Kindle Fire and I loved the experience. She suggested a Paperwhite, and I bought it. One of the best investments I’ve made, honestly. 🙂 But the love for paperbacks hasn’t dwindled. I still buy books when I want to. Kindle though has increased my reading, for sure.

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  2. I downloaded the kindle app on my Samsung tab on a suugestion from somebody whose book was only available on kindle and not as paperback. This is the first book I read on kindle (app) and I still love reading the olden way – the hard book with bookmarks and jacket covers. To me, the olden way is not dying soon, no way.

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    1. For me too Anamika but the convenience that the Kindle Paperwhite offers can get addictive.


  3. Hey – you know what? These days there are a couple of kindle tv commercials being aired that I’m absolutely loving. And like you I’m an old school book lover. My father is the same with over 10000 books he owns. When went to engineering college and took up software development as a career, I almost gave up reading. Some 8 years ago, with HR and me discovering my self all over again, I got back to books. Now like you may imagine, I buy and save the books. I’m thinking of giving myself a kindle on my birthday. Far fetched but yes – that’s the plan. I’m skeptical and I guess you are the one I will call before I take the final shots. 🙂

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  4. I took to Kindle app on phone reluctantly because of a book review. And I loved reading a book on phone. Then I downloaded the app on my laptop too. And when I won it recently in a contest, my happiness knew no bounds. I am reading more and buying more books too. Now-a-days, I prefer Kindle more, simply because, my library cupboard is overflowing and the books are spilling all over the place.

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    1. Yeah the space constraint can be another issue in favour of e books. But I’m still far from being comfortable reading on the phone.


  5. Okay, I can say ditto to everything you said – I LOVE my Kindle -the cost, the convenience, the dictionary look up, knowing the reading progress in % (yes, the nerdy me loves that). But the thing that I love MOST is the fact that I can read under the sheets when I am pretend sleeping to put my son to bed – that is half hour of reading time that I can claim back. Also, the libraries here offer Kindle copies, so the joy is multiplied. 😀

    P.S. I agree – they should totally bottle up the scent! 😀

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    1. Lol… reading under the sheets – seems to b a back to the school days except you need no torchlight now.


  6. I love my books, the cover, the way the pages feel on my fingers and the smell of it. But that being said, I now have the kindle and actually enjoy reading it. It will never replace my books but I can use both now that I’ve gotten used to it.

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    1. Most of us seem to think that way. It’s a bit of a relief to know that good old fashioned books aren’t going anywhere soon.

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  7. I like my Kindle, but I would never give up on my “real” babies. Strangely, actual books still feel more real to me than ebooks.
    And I also like going to the bookstore to buy books more than ordering them online 🙂 🙂

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  8. I’ll always prefer the look and feel of real books, but there is the convenience factor to consider. My husband gifted me with a Samsung 7″ tablet two Christmases ago and I’ve been loading ebooks onto it, using the Amazon Kindle app, It’s great for travelling, so much smaller and more light-weight. Also, you can read by the light of the screen and make the page larger or smaller..

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  9. Although many friends have recommended it I haven’t invested in a Kindle yet. Convenient it is no doubt but I guess for as long as I can, I will stick to using both my hands to hold a book instead of scrolling down with a finger. ☺


  10. I’m pretty old fashioned with my book reading. I like paper and print. I need to be able to flip through pages and bookmark. I tried reading online and I agree it is wonderfully convenient, but it didn’t bring me the same satisfaction. Plus I love owning and displaying my books too!


  11. I have been having a Kindle for many years now as a gift from my husband. When he bought it for me he said, ‘now no more books to fill up the shelves’. I proved him wrong. My shelves are overflowing both the physical and my Kindle. Nothing can beat reading the book, but without Kindle, I wouldn’t have read so much more.

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