Tweaking the tales

heart.jpgIf I had a wish to wish for me
I’d go on quite a wishing spree.
I’d ask to get into my favourite tales
Just to make sure they stick to the rails.
A little tweak here, a gentle twist there
And I’d save people from much despair.

When I’d see Romeo at Juliet’s grave
I’d jump right there in time for a save.
And “Thus with a kiss I die” as he says
And to his lips the poison raise,
Stop! Will you! She’s alive, I’d cry
There really is no need for you to die.

And when Darcy’s making his darned proposal
The one that earned Lizzy’s disapproval.
Tread here with plenty of care, I’d advise him
For goodness sake don’t be condescending.
Let your heart talk, the one that loves her
Lose your pride, that really bugs her.

When Scarlett is abandoned by Rhett all alone
I’d tell her he’d be back, he wasn’t all gone.
And while I’m there I’d give her a shake –
It’s him you love though he might be a rake.
Look carefully, will you open your eyes?
it was never Ashley, it’s Rhett who’s your prize .

Perhaps I’d drop by Jeeves for a chat
I’d tell him all my tales and hope for a pat.
He’d give his wise head a supercilious shake
Unimpressed he’d say, ‘That’s a piece of cake’.
Don’t want to spoil your congratulatory party
But I’ve been doing this for years for Bertie.

That’s true of course, his case he does rest,
As a setter-righter of things he’s the best.
All along this time that’s exactly what I’ve wished for
I want to be Jeeves to my favourite characters.


It’s Day 6 of the #BarAThon Challenge from 1st to 7th August 2016.
The prompt for today is ‘Wishful Thinking’.

I am with Team #CrimsonRush


Also linking to  Mackenzie at Reflections from Me

37 Replies to “Tweaking the tales”

  1. Oh! You mentioned all my favourtie people from all my most loved books. I would love to be Jeeves to my favourite character too.

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  2. Wow, Tulika! With every word, it felt as if you were pulling out one rabbit after another from your magician’s hat! This was marvellous! How badly some of the famous love stories need a “tweak here and a twist there”; if you could really do so, those stories would be simply perfect!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Isn’t it? It’s such a waste when a misunderstanding or a wrong word complicates a happy story.


  3. Best post ever!!! Absolutely loved this poem! Some of my favourite characters here. How I would shake Scarlett too!

    And if this wish ever comes true, would you back and save Sirius too? If I could also manage to sneak after death, what say we save Liesel’s lemon-haired sidekick?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw Aditi you’re absolutely right. Sirius MUST be brought back and Rudy too. So many characters to save!


  4. You’re weaving magic with every post of yours in this marathon, Tulika. Each better than the previous. I love Jeeves too! Some excellent creativity at play here.

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  5. 🙂 wonderful take! Being a book lover, I understand that feeling, when conflicts twist the tale (Sometimes brutally)
    You have expressed that brilliantly! But, I wonder if these stories would be equally interesting if there are no conflicts.

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    1. Right Tarang, I confess I thought about that too. It wouldn’t have been much fun if Romeo and Juliet had lived and gotten married and then turned into a regular mundane couple!! No story there at all.


    1. Thank you Nisha. We all shared a childhood with these characters which is why they are so special to us.


    1. Ha ha ha.. thank you, but you’re pulling my leg. Like I said to someone on FB – it’s just a rhyme. I think everyone is so in love with these characters that they like everything related to them. I know I wouldn’t look beyond Darcy/Colin Firth and his wet shirt.

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  6. oh wow this is brilliant, loved every bit of it. Imagine you could actually do this, jump into a book wow the endless possibilities #mg

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