Go Read a Book

Read a book

As I pack a gift for your friend’s birthday I hear you groan, “A book, again?” I hear it, though you think you’re being discreet, trying to spare my feelings. And yes, it’s going to be a book every time.

When you come to me and say. ‘I’m bored,’ I know you have your eye on the iPad. But all I say is, ‘Go read a book’.

When I start a book club I know you come for your friends (and for the cupcakes!) but I go ahead anyway. I invite your friends, I get the cup cakes and I pick out stories – of thrill and adventure, of children like you. And as we craft and play and eat and talk I quietly squeeze in Gaiman and Rowling.

I do it because I once made a promise.

Years ago, when I was a child like you, I had a somewhat drab existence. Until one day I fell in love – deeply irrevocably. This love of mine swept away the dreariness. It opened up a canvas wide and colourful and so very cheerful. It made me new friends – toys that could talk and little pixies, a Polish boy and a German girl, a mighty magician and a young ballerina – I shared their stories – their joys, their sorrows.

I had fallen in love with the written word.

Then one day, wonder of wonders, I found I could create a world of my own, my own colours and my own friends. And that filled me with such great joy. I was a creator, a little like God!

I had learnt to make up my own stories.

That is when I made that promise: that I’d never stop trying to share my love, that I’d help it touch each life it could, I’d help it help each one get wings and I’d help it make many little gods.

That’s a promise I’ll always keep and so I’ll try to get you to read.

I’ll push and I’ll wheedle, I’ll tempt and I’ll tease. And it’s not going to stop till you open a book, till you begin to read.

It’s the  very last day of the # BarAThon Challenge from 1st to 7th August 2016.
The prompt for today is ‘Promise’.
I am with Team #CrimsonRush




44 Replies to “Go Read a Book”

  1. Wow! I say this too. “Go Read” is my mantra to S. I am glad he loves books as much as I do, and he finds them as life changing as I do to this day. Perfect post for the perfect prompt.

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    1. Right Suzy. Specially true for children who are always complaining they have nothing to do unless they have a gadget or two… Oops I think I’m in rhyme zone still :-).


  2. How sweet of you to spread your joy further and share it with your little ones! I’m sure they will thank you in future for all your efforts. Loved the way you’ve put your thoughts here.


    1. This issue with kids – not just mine – not reading worries me. That they’re not investing enough in reading is a sad thought.


  3. It’s my constant mantra to Gy and glad to see that it’s now instinctive for her. Feeling bored?Read a book. Done with other activities? Read a book. Too rainy outside to play? Read a book. So yes, this is one promise worth making and keeping. Always. Tulika, you and the book club, all I can say is ‘Hats off’!

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    1. I always hope that one day the child will open that book. You never know what might appeal to them. And on that hope I keep gifting books. Also, I know most people will be gifting toys so it’s not like they’re missing out anything.

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  4. what a beautiful story. My mom was the same way. She would only let my sibs and I watch an hour of tv a day. The rest of the time, we could play or read but that was it. We took weekly trips to the library so my mom could stock up and we did too. 🙂 Thanks to her, I have a rich imagination and I know how to use it! I read that kids today don’t have much of an imagination and that saddens me.

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    1. You’re right Melinda. They don’t allow for their powers of description and imagination to grow when they don’t read.

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  5. ‘Read a book’ is what I say to every child I meet too. I know that they pick it up not so willingly in the beginning, but I am sure when they start falling in love with the written words, they are not going to leave them ever. So, as moms, yes, we have to push and motivate and inspire them to read a book! Lovely post, Tulika!

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    1. I’m living on that hope Shilpa. And I can see a change – a very slow one – but it is progress.


  6. Same here. I seldom get bored. I have books, and an always occupied mind that helps me to write. Just I have a problem. I can’t read everything. If a book couldn’t grip my interest in first 50 pages, I am most likely to leave it unread (until it’s for review).

    I love it when I see children reading and enjoying books!

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    1. Oh ho and I’m completely the opposite – I hate to leave a book midway and so no matter how terrible it is I go on and on and on. But I’ve come to realise that’s not a good thing because one has limited time. Instead of wasting it on a bad book I should junk it and pick up a good one. Thanks Tarang for being around this past week. It has been good to have you around.


  7. Love love love books and can totally relate to your post….I give books as gifts even to the little kids so there are many frowns….but what do I do….I feel that it is the best gift to give….:)

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  8. God bless you for having made a promise like this! The happiness and satisfaction of reading a good book is unrivaled, isn’t it? Totally identify with your passion! Loved everything about this post!

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  9. What do I say about this post? I saw myself in it. When I get the ‘I am bored’ with an eye on the TV, I simply enumerate the long list of things which D can do and that TV does not fit in to shoo away boredom. Reading, writing, drawing, painting and playing are the things to do. I hype the stories to tempt him to read on his own or to read to me. I negotiate with one book he will read to me and I will read the second one to him. I read books to his friends when they come home to play. All for sharing the love for reading 🙂

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    1. I remember your post on how to encourage young readers. I completely loved it. I know how invested you are to the cause of reading. I am sure your little one will grow up to be a reader.

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