We Will Meet Again – A Review

We Will Meet Again by Tarang Sinha

We Will Meet Again

The Story

We will meet again is the story of Paridhi, a mass media student in Delhi. Life for Paridhi is all about course assignments, lost pen drives and urgent submissions. Harried and running against an unexpected deadline, she bumps into Abhigyan, a young, good-looking, wealthy young man – every girl’s dream. This meeting however isn’t one bit romantic. She meets him again at her best friend’s wedding. While he is clearly falling for her she is rude and angry and rebuffs him all the way. However, Abhigyan is not one to give up easily.

What I liked

Told in first person this is no-pretence young love story. There aren’t many twists and turns – no unbelievable coincidences, no unrelenting parents, no over-the-top drama. And for that I liked it.
The book has quite a few characters, along with the protagonists, and each one is well crafted, except perhaps Abhigyan’s mom, who is a bit of a stereotype.
I liked the relationship Paridhi shares with her sister (she comes home to find her sister wearing her T-shirt – that was sweet, I thought, and so true). In fact Paridhi’s entire family – her dad and her aunt – is very believable, one you’d find in any regular Indian home. And that makes the story real.
I enjoyed the descriptions of hostel life (reminded me of my hostel days) as well as the wedding hullabaloo. That was nicely done.

What I didn’t like

Editing remains a sore point. I found many a missing article and wrongly constructed sentences.
Given that it is in the first person, we get Paridhi’s point of view, we see her falling in love and yet holding herself back but we get nothing from Abhigyan. Why would a man lose his heart to a girl who is unexplainably rude? Again and again and again? I would have liked to know what made him fall in love with her.
I also have a complaint with the ending – it was too clichéd (Something I’ve seen in one of my favourite SRK flicks, too).

However, this one remains a clean easy romance that college students would enjoy or perhaps one that can be carried along on a trip.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.

17 Replies to “We Will Meet Again – A Review”

  1. Thank you, Tulika for your honest review!

    I’m really sorry for the editing errors. I didn’t want that, but no excuses. I noted, wholeheartedly, my flaws and things that you didn’t like.

    For the ending, trust me, I don’t remember any such scene in SRK movie. Not a fan of his movies. ☺

    Thanks again.

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    1. Tarang thanks for that comment. I do know it is easy to read a book and post a review. It is way more difficult to write one. It must be such a labour of love and so hard to open it up to public scrutiny and comment.
      Editing errors are forgiven but not being an SRK fan… grrrrrr!


  2. I have read the first few chapters of this book, and I have to agree with some of the things you say. Also, I typically like dual POv in Romances, but in this case, it seemed absolutely vital, given the circumstances.

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    1. Dual POVs are nice Shantala but romances are often from a single point of view. However, the author should convey both – maybe through overheard conversations or a final confessional thing.. whatever.


      1. Yep, I agree. While dual POVs are the best case scenario for me – romances are typically single POVs. And there are many ways to give a cue to the other’s feelings even while using single POV. Not that it is always necessary, but in cases like these, it lets the reader know why the other person is in love with this one.


  3. Thats an honest review.. From what you have mentioned, the story line sure makes it worth a read.. Editing.. I have notice that quite a few books these days have the issue. Surprisingly I noticed major editing issues in a book by a bestselling author. SO I am slowly beginning to turn a blind eye to it, as long as the book keeps me engrossed.

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    1. I’m getting used to it but I don’t want to ignore it because that makes it acceptable. Though I’m not exactly a grammar nazi I would hate to see good language disappearing because of lazy editors.

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