Rita Just Wants to be Thin – A Review

Rita Just Wants to be Thin by Mary W Walters

I stumbled upon this book at bookbub.com. It caught my eye obviously because of its title. Perhaps because I started off with hardly any expectations, it turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

(If you don’t know what bookbub.com is do go take a look. It’s a resource for ebooks, either at no cost at all or at a very minimal cost. If you’re a reader of light romantic fiction this is an absolute goldmine)



The story

28-year-old Rita was young, pretty and thin before she got married. Marriage brought her a husband, Graham and two rather unpleasant step-children. She also has to contend with Graham’s dead and quite perfect first wife who she can never measure up to. Graham is a work-from-home journalist. He isn’t really a bad sort but is self-centred and inhumanly insensitive.

Overworked, undervalued, exhausted and lonely, Rita finds solace in food. As the pounds pile up she begins to hate the way she looks. She tries out new diets regularly but fails to stick to any of them, fuelling rounds of self-loathing and more bingeing.

Things come to a head when her mother-in-law comes to stay with her until finally one day she decides to walk out.

What I liked

Rita’s struggle with weight is something common to a lot of women — the constant awareness of one’s weight, the acute self-consciousness due to it, the self-loathing that comes after a binge and yet not being able to find the will-power to do anything about it — all of that made the book extremely relatable.

Later the rush Rita gets when she begins to walk, the way she learns to disengage herself from her situation and make time for herself – I loved all of that.

Also, her story isn’t just about her fight with fat. It is about how she learns to assert herself, how she decides that she will be the one in charge of her life. It is a reminder for anyone stuck in a rut that they alone can change their lives.

That quote is only too true

What I didn’t like

Rita’s struggle is so long that it gets tedious and depressing. The turnaround comes after a long long time.

The book ends right at the beginning of Rita’s new journey. I would have liked an epilogue, at least. I will always have the niggling feeling that she slipped back to her old ways and that takes away from the perfect ending.

Last thought: Some books aren’t great literature but you like them because you find you can connect with them. This was one of those for me.

18 Replies to “Rita Just Wants to be Thin – A Review”

  1. I follow bookbub too. Missed grabbing this one. Sounds interesting but as you mentioned, I would’ve loved to know more of her new journey.


  2. Thanks for introducing me to BookBub. I spent so much time buying so many books just now.
    I so liked that pic quote about hunger being part of weight reduction. Sounds like a book that I can relate to and would like to read too!

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  3. Thank you so much for introducing us to BookBub! I rushed to the site even before reading this review 🙂

    This seems really interesting. Weight loss – hot topic that I can relate to. I am not fan of prologue and epilogue, but sometimes they are necessary. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Yes, yes I know exactly what you mean. Everything doesn’t have to be great literature. Books serve lots of different purposes – they are a laugh when you find yourself overly stressed, a companion when you feel lonely, and a window to another world – like in the case of my current read – The Book Thief. Now this book is pretty great, but if a not so great book fulfills any one of the above needs – I tend to enjoy them as well.

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      1. As you know by now, I adored it. It was quite the ride, into a dark time yes, but such an experience it was. Wouldn’t have wanted to miss it for the world.


  5. I totally get what you are saying. Summer books and movies just speak to you. They need not be great works of art just relatable. The premise of this book really seems interesting. It is a story of so many women. And like you pointed out, l like epilogues too. A sort of a closure for me. Crisp review. Will check out the site you mentioned.

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  6. I did not know about bookbub. Will check it out. I know what you mean about connecting with a book. It’s a happy feeling, isn’t it? I may like the book too but yes with an epilogue it would have been sort of a closure.

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  7. Bookbub is such an interesting place! Thanks for introducing it!

    The title of the book is nice, and the premise looks interesting and maybe inspiring too for people who take the weight thing too seriously. agree with you on the epilogue part.

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