The Bodyguard – A #Review

Book Title: The Bodyguard
Author: Ruchi Singh

I was eager to pick this one up as I had read Jugnu, by the same author and loved it. The premise was deliciously different and the cover was enticing. What’s not to like with a brave strong heroine and a rich handsome hero in a sort of role-reversal? That’s what caught my interest. I thought this would make for a wonderful romantic read. And I wasn’t disappointed. That there was a mystery element thrown in made it even better.

The Story

Major Esha Sinha, an ex-army officer is hired as an undercover agent for Vikramaditya Seth Jr. Things take a serious turn when repeated attempts are made on his life. Esha struggles to ignore their mutual attraction in order to focus on the killer who is out to get Vikram.

What I loved

I started out thinking it was a romantic novel, however few pages down the line I realised it was more of a suspense thriller and, to me, that was a plus.

The characters come to life early on. I loved Major Esha – strong, silent, somewhat brooding with a bit of a mysterious past – the classic Mills and Boon hero. Flirtatious, egoistic, workaholic Vikram was a delight too. There were a host of other supporting characters, all etched out with care.

The writing was fast paced and there never was a dull moment. The story moved ahead with every page as new bits of information were revealed.

I loved that we got glimpses of the assassin’s life, a little peek into his head, just enough to spike ones interest and keep one guessing.

What could have been better

On the flip side, the suspense could have been tighter. There were a number of suspects, which was good, but they were rejected without really convincing reasons. Also, although I loved Major Esha’s character, she slips in her line of duty – her charge gets hit (twice) in her presence by the same person and she fails to protect him. That didn’t quite fit in with her character as the super-efficient bodyguard that I wanted her to be.

The end seemed rather hurried with Esha figuring things out pretty fast. Also, there were a few lose ends that needed to be tied up but were left dangling.

Oh and there were editing errors, more than a few. Avoiding those could have added quality to the book.

Last thought: A decent travel companion.

I was given a copy of the book by the author through Write Tribe in exchange for an honest review.

16 Replies to “The Bodyguard – A #Review”

  1. Sounds like a good read. I’m not a fan of crime but I do enjoy romantic thrillers. I suppose this one definitely doesn’t disappoint.

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  2. Sounds good..I love such brave heroines who play the role of a cop/detective. But, I have long since given up reading anything with even a touch of romance in it…Life has taught me what romance is, and it bores me no end! 😛

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    1. I find I can separate real life and fiction pretty easily and I have two completely different set of expectations. So that works well ☺️. This heroine was actually quite a delight.

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        1. I get what you’re saying but there are all kinds of books. Some are realistic where one can identify with the characters or at least understand their motivations and then there are the other kind which one reads for fun and those can be great too.

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  3. So should I or should I not read this book ? Decent is a very lukewarm appraisal but thanks for the advance warning …. I only read books that come highly recommended these days 😉

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    1. No no no this wasn’t meant to be a warning. It’s a good one time read, fast paced and entertaining.


  4. I completely agree with your thoughts on this one! There were some plot devices in this story, which could have been handled differently/better. That being said, it was still very much a page turner for me.

    And yes, I too liked that it was as much a suspense thriller as it was a romance. It’s what kept me turning the pages. Though, truth be told, I would have preferred more romance towards the end, because I’ve to admit I love the full blown emo sequences before the HEA. Just a weird romance book quirk I have. 😛

    Oh and pssstt..someone adorable who died in this one, might not actually have died. And his story might or might not be coming up next. Just saying. 🙂

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    1. It depends on how one looks at a book – I like a romance as much as I like a suspense thriller. But yeah I wouldn’t have minded some high drama towards the end – you know the rushing-to-the-airport kind of thing.


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