Sofia sat crouched at the edge of the cliff, muscles tense, senses alert. A wave of vertigo threatened to drown her and she averted her gaze from the valley below. She forced herself to breathe deeply willing herself to relax, muscle by one tiny muscle.

You can do this, she said, slowly, gingerly, stretching out one leg, then the other. An intense urge to draw back to the safety of the ledge hit her again. She fought it down …. again.

She let out a shaky breath which turned into a nervous laugh at this small victory.

She forced herself to look down focusing on the brilliant shades of green. She smiled at the distant cluster of houses, far enough to mute the mundane sounds of everyday life yet offering the comfort of human presence.

With growing confidence, she stretched out her legs, threw back her head and let out a delighted whoop.

This is what she had driven miles for.
This freedom from fear.

It was a birthday ritual – a gift to herself.
And she’d do it again – another year, another fear – she’d demolish them all, one by one.

Happy birthday to me, said she, smiling softly.


Do you have a birthday ritual? What’s your idea of a perfect birthday? Would love to hear about it


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19 Replies to “Freedom”

  1. That’s superb interpretation. Birthdays are special and so ought to be a gift to ourselves. I don’t have a birthday ritual as such. But this looks interesting. Maybe this year i can think of one.

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    1. Yup the fear was mine. I have a dread of heights. I wish I could do this someday. Maybe with a safety belt or something :-).


    1. Ditto. There was a time I liked all the birthday fuss now I don’t much care for it but I go along with it.


  2. What a thought Tulika. Take a bow!
    I am borrowing… na, na… rather stealing your idea of gifting self with knocking down one fear a year on Bday.

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  3. She seems to be quite a strong person. Dealing with your weaknesses on your birthday is really something. All one can think of on birthdays is celebrate. Loved your take on the prompt.

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  4. Ahh the thrill of defeating fear. You expressed it very well.
    I don’t have any birthday ritual… except to eat ginormous amount of cake 😂


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