The Mummy Bloggers #BookReview

Book: The Mummy Bloggers
Author: Holly Wainwright

When you love reading and are a book blogger and a parent blogger too and you see a book titled The Mummy bloggers, well then you just pick it up. And so I did. That’s a lot of ‘ands’ I know, but there were a lot of things about this book that appealed to me.

It tells the story

..of three mom bloggers, all in completely different sub-niches of their own.

There’s – Elle, formerly Ellen, but then Elle, is more chic, no? And being chic is crucial for Elle. She lives in a #perfectworld. She has perfectly baked #homemadebrownies, which aren’t homemade at all and which she won’t ever eat because she also has to instagram her #perfectabs. She has a pair of #perfectbabies who dress in matching (and sponsored, obviously!) clothes. All in all she has a perfect life with SomebodyElse’sHusband. Opps sorry, that was her original anonymous blog, before she married Somebody Else’s Husband and made him her own, turning into #stylishmumma herself.

Then there’s Abi the #GreenDiva who has moved to the country with her partner Grace and their children. She has a farm where chickens run around, she homeschools her children and fights against processed food, vaccinations and all things ‘Big Pharma’. No matter that her own children are safely vaccinated.

Lastly there’s Leisel Adams a #workingmom in her forties. She has a full time job managing the demands of a millennial younger-than-her boss as well as a baby, a toddler and a kindergartener at home. Also in her life is #wonderdad, her stay at home husband. That she manages to blog is a wonder in itself.

So our protagonists are blogging away happily, secure in their own little worlds with their own followers and their own trolls too. Along comes a blogging award that nominates the three of them and upsets this delicate balance because there can only be one winner. On offer is a huge cash prize. An all-out anything-goes mommy war breaks out, the war to grab the most eyeballs in order to stay in the forefront of the hearts and minds of mommy’s of the world wide web. Unbelievable lies will be told and lives will be threatened in this war.

What I liked

This was a super fun ride. It was a familiar world, a world I love and enjoy and am a part of, even if in a rather peripheral way. I’ve seen rough prototypes of the three moms.

I loved the characters and the idea of niches within a niche. The book brought to light the social media addiction a lot of bloggers succumb to, living in a world of hashtags. That itch to check how many people responded to that last tweet, the last update, the latest post, that need for constant validation from relative strangers – that was very real. As also the danger of trolls.

Abi gives sound advice (?) for grabbing eye-balls in a crowded world:

…. the only way to get anyone to listen to you was to keep it simple and shout the loudest. Clouding your argument with nuance was the road to oblivion .…

Make the world black and white, take sides, stick to them, fight for them. It’s interesting how she goes about doing just this and gets caught up in a complicated web.

I loved Elle’s track for highlighting what a fake world it is out there. Reading about her was annoying and funny and, towards the end, crazily frustratingly unbelievable.

Leisel was a personal favourite perhaps because she was the most identifiable and the most genuine of the lot. Take for instance her worry that the children liked Wonder Dad better than her and yet she is relieved when baby wants only ‘daddy’ to put her to bed and then right away she’s guilty for feeling relieved. That emotional see-sawing is only too familiar.

Of course it’s all exaggerated, hugely exaggerated in the latter part, but I still maintain this was a fun read.

I’ll give it one extra star for delivering what it promised.

Last thought: If you’re a blogger looking for a light read, pick this one. If you’re not, you still might enjoy the laughs.

20 Replies to “The Mummy Bloggers #BookReview”

  1. I read this review of yours on Saturday and immediately added it to my wish list on Amazon! I know I would love it 😀 A book about mom bloggers? Oh, this mom blogger HAS to read it 😉

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    1. Ha ha.. right Geethica – I thought it had a bit of me too in it. That’s what made it fun to read.


  2. My, My! That sounds like such a unique premise for a book! I love the idea of the book and your review of the three protagonists sounds super interesting! Hope to lay my hands on this one sometime soon!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Haha. The title does sound a fun read. Have come across a book on mommy bloggers for the first time. It’s mostly ecourses or such. Well, maybe I can pick it up when M travelling. It’s an ebook?

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    1. Ditto – This one is the first book I read on Mommy bloggers. Do pick it up – it’s a quick fun read and not too expensive. Yead it has a kindle version.


  4. It is a book? I thought it was a post on Mommy bloggers 😀
    Sounds like a super fun read though. The dialogues do make a point.

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    1. Every mom can identify with that feeling, specially when your child is a baby. It’s a good feeling to be needed and yet so exhausting that sometimes you wish they would call out for someone else.


    1. Yeah, that’s what got me interested too. Considering that there are so very many bloggers, wonder why not more people are writing fiction based on it.


  5. It is a discovery that there could be a book on Mommy bloggers and their niches. I was part of a blogging group here last year where there were mainly mommy bloggers (let’s say all of them were mommy bloggers) and the niches were strictly followed unlike India where every one dabbles in everything under the tag lifestyle blogger (meaning no offenses to anybody). How true are mommy bloggers’ lives has been covered extensively in many many articles and pieces on the internet courtesy some of them from the same tribe who either get an epiphany or fall out of the bandwagon. Will I pick up this book? Can’t say.


  6. sounds like an absolute fun read and makes me wanna pick it up instantly. I love how fairly you have analysed this book vis-a-vis the blogging life. I am curious to know who you thought fit these three protagonists 😉


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