Eating Wasps #microreview

Book: Eating Wasps
Author: Anita Nair

You know what’s the best feeling in the world? To pick up a book you’ve not heard of, to pick it up without any expectations, any background, any social media hoohaa. And then to find in it a story that by turns hits you hard, touches you, empowers you. That’s what Eating Wasps did for me.

I was driven to read it simply by its stunningly gorgeous cover. Then the opening line reeled me in:

“On the day I killed myself, it was clear and bright.” 

How can you ignore that?

If you’ve read Anita Nair’s Ladies Coupe you’ll know how adept she is at bringing together women centric stories. That’s what she does with Eating Wasps too.

The book opens with an award winning author Sreelakshmi committing suicide. And yet her life doesn’t end. She lives on as a ghost, a piece of a bone. As she flits from the hands of one woman to another she sees, she feels and she tells their story, bringing them together in a delightful read.

The book has multiple characters – girls, teens, women – each the protagonist of her own story, with her own challenges – sometimes internal, sometimes familial, sometimes societal.

My heart broke for Megha while Najma, who had the saddest story of all, made my heart soar. Maya was only too real, a flawed woman, an imperfect mom even as she debates what’s best for her son. Urvashi, Liliana, Brinda – each one has a story to tell.

The book isn’t perfect. The stories don’t come together as seamlessly as I’d have liked them to. Also, it could have done without a character or two while I’d have liked to know more about some of the others. Some of the stories are explored only too briefly, leaving me dissatisfied. And yet it’s a book worth reading because each story is special.

Last thought: Worth a read.

11 Replies to “Eating Wasps #microreview”

  1. I have read Ladies Coupe and enjoyed it. Have been seeing Eating Wasps on Kindle Unlimited. Your review has sealed it for me. Downloading it right away. Thanks for your recommendation, Tulika!

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      1. I read it last week. The stories of all the women are powerful, compelling and even heart-breaking; the writing, the language was simply brilliant in many places but something was missing. I dont know whether it was the non linear way of storytelling or insufficient background/characterization in some stories or may be too many stories… But still an interesting read.

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  2. I’ve only enjoyed ‘Mistress’ from this author. I read a couple of books after that and did not like it.
    This intriguing title had me thinking for a really long time about picking it up or not. I still am thinking.


  3. I have heard so much about this book but this review, your review, is the one that makes me think of picking it up. Thank you! 🙂 Adding to the TBR right away.


  4. I haven’t read this author, but your micro review makes me want to pick this one up. many books!!


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