Lessons from Anne with an E #BookBytes

It’s time for Book Bytes and today I am making a departure from my usual format of sharing a single quote from a book. In fact I was reminded of these quotes, not from a book, but from a series based on a book.

It’s Anne of the Green Gables/Anne with an E.

I read the first of this book series (yeah it is a book series with 6 books and then some more based on Anne’s children) long ago but then I was reminded of it recently when I read an excerpt in my children’s text book (again!). And then when I saw the series I absolutely adored it.

The series veered away from the original book. And that made me want to dislike it. However when I relaxed my rigid bookish mind I found I quite liked the changes; Mathew not dying was my favourite one, Aunt Josephine’s and Cole came a close second and also that Diana ends up going to college (she doesn’t in the original book).

I found this new version more in keeping with the times. It did take away from the authenticity but well.. like I said, I didn’t mind.

Sharing some quotes that are my absolute favourites. 

On Tough Times

“It’s been my experience that you can nearly always enjoy something if you make up your mind firmly that you will. Of course, you must make up your mind firmly. I’ve made up my mind to enjoy this drive”

Sometimes life hides gifts in the darkest of places.

— Anne Shirley

On Self Worth

“I’m loved now, but when I wasn’t, it didn’t mean I wasn’t worthy of it.”

—Anne Shirley

‘‘If all the world hated you and believed you wicked, but your own conscience approved of you and absolved you from guilt, you would not be without friends.”

— Jane Eyre

I cannot begin to say how much I loved these two. The second one is quoted by Anne a number of times through the book.

On Change

“I reckon every new idea was modern once, until it wasn’t.” 

—Matthew Cuthbert

Mathew was one of my favourite characters. He was the perfect foil for Marilla’s short tempered personality and Anne’s ebulience. Kindred spirits need an anchor and Mathew was perfect.

On Love

I’ve never bought into that “You Just Know” notion. Love is a tricky thing. Sometimes it feels like an undeniable force that hits between the eyes and doesn’t let up. Other times, it’s malleable, questionable. It’s truth hidden in and amongst external obstacles and internal circumstances that’ve formed who you are, what you expect in the world, and how you can accept love. Oh, to say the least, it’s complicated. And if a mind’s abuzz with pressure and deadlines and “What if this and that,” I imagine love’s truth would be a near-impossible thing to feel. I wonder if, when all’s quiet in your mind, you’ll find your answer.

— Aunt Josephine

It’s a long one but it descriibes love so aptly.

So tell me, have you read/watched Anne? Do you have a favourite quote?


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14 Replies to “Lessons from Anne with an E #BookBytes”

  1. I am unfamiliar with this book/series but love the quote you have posted here esp the one about your conscience absolving you. Thats such a beautiful thought and should be with everyone daily.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Watch the series Shalini. it’s on Netflix. You might find it a trifle slow but it has the feel of old classics. Anne is one of my favourite heroines.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Do watch it Shilpa. Anne is adorable. My favourite quote is the one where she says she’s worthy of love no matter what. To have that kind of self assurance even when life hasn’t treated you well is exemplary.


  2. I read the book a long time ago and was fascinated by the idea of ‘kindred spirits’ at the time. I went on to call me and my best friend by that term from then on. The quotes are beautiful, Tulika.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha ha.. I know that feeling. It bugged me for a bit too. If it helps, watch it like a fabulous bit of fan fiction.


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