Book Lovers by Emily Henry #BookReview

It’s strange how two siblings can live together, receive the same love and support from their parents, be part of the same events and yet have completely different memories. As we’ve grown, my sister and I have become closer than we ever were and sometimes when we’re talking of our childhood, we realise how differently we perceived things around us.

That’s just one of the nuances that put Emily Henry’s Book Lovers up there with my favourite reads.

But first, the plot:

Nora is a thirty something extremely competent book agent. All that matters to her is her work and her younger sister Libby; Libby, who is happily married with two daughters and a third on the way. However, Nora is beginning to feel that the two of them are drifting apart and then Libby proposes a month-long holiday for the two of them. They find themselves at Sunshine Falls. Unfortunately, instead of the peaceful holiday Nora had  in mind she keeps bumping into editor Charlie Lastra, her bete noir from the publishing world. Even as Nora tries to sort her relationship with Libby, she is forced to admit Charlie Lastra may not be as terrible as she had made him out to be.

I heard the book of Audible and the narration by Julia Whelan was so good I began to identify the characters by the tone of voice — it was like multiple people playing out the narrative.

The first thing that stood out for me was the sister-connect. That was so very relatable even though I am nothing like Nora and my sister is far far away from Libby.

The most refreshing thing about Book Lovers is that, right from the first page, it sets out to destroy all bookish tropes. Nora is unapologetically a city girl with no craving for the quiet country life and she remains so throughout the book.

Her love for New York was infectious, I wanted to be there with her — eating at cafe’s, visiting museums and art galleries. The bohemian life she describes with her mom — penniless yet happy — seemed like a dream despite the hardships. Their closeness, their popcorn filled movie nights and above all their fondness for books, was all just

And of course there had to be books! Lots and lots of book conversations and book store talk.

At heart, the book is a love story. Which requires two loveable protagonists and Charlie and Nora fit the bill. Their quick and witty banter was an absolute treat. The enemies-to-lovers trope has never felt so satisfying.

On the downside, I would have loved to know more about Libby. I saw her from Nora’s point of view only and she seemed a little delicate, someone who needed looking after. It was only later that I realised that there was more to her and that what I had been seeing was just Nora’s POV but by then it was too late to establish a connection with her.

In fact, I would have liked to know more about many other side characters too. I believe a love story becomes a little more colourful with interesting supporting characters with strong backstories. That was something I sort of missed, but it was a very tiny hiccup in this otherwise perfect book.

Last thought: With Valentine’s Day around the corner, this is a perfect pick-up to snuggle down with.


4 Replies to “Book Lovers by Emily Henry #BookReview”

  1. Love love love the way you connected the sibling love with your own and that has what convinced me to read this one soon. Thanks for such a lovely review!!


  2. Enemies to lover… you got my attention with that. 😄
    It is true, we remember the past differently. Chatting with my sister made me realise that.


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