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A is for an Apology

It’s day 1 of the A to Z April Challenge and I begin today with an Apology for not being able to be a part of this wonderful movement this year.

I have spent the last few days surrounded by books and more books struggling to put down here all what I feel about some of my favourite characters – that was my theme – Compelling Characters. However I found that in order to recreate what I feel for them I have to re-read, sometimes the entire book. Not that the task hasn’t been pleasurable, but it is immensely time-consuming. I found myself not wanting to put down the books once I started re-reading them. That should be a good thing, right? However the April deadline left me in a flurry hurrying to get them all down. I would have had to rush through and write without fully reliving the character. Not all of them are Darcy or Potter whom I can write about in a dream. That wouldn’t have been fair either to them or you dear reader.

And then of course there’s life – life that goes on, that demands I do other things rather than just reading and writing. With all of that I decided to withdraw from the Challenge.

However the characters have come alive and refuse to let me be. They need to be written about and I shall do just that. Next week onwards I’ll feature one character a week right here. So do drop by.

Bye for now and good luck if you’re a Challenge participant. I’ll be around to read your wonderful posts.


#AtoZChallenge 2015 Theme Reveal

It’s time for the A to Z April Challenge – that time of the year again when I’m caught between the ‘Should I do it?’ and the ‘Should I pass?’. However, after last year I know myself well enough to sit back patiently and watch the inexorable transition from ‘No way I cannot’ to ‘Maybe I should’ to ‘I think I can’ finally to ‘Let me go sign up.’

And sign up I did.

As if the chaos of travelling in April and the fact that I will have to post every single day wasn’t challenging enough, this year I will be posting on a brand new blog on a brand new platform with absolutely no idea how I’ll do it. But then that’s what a challenge is all about.

Now for the theme. Yet again I’ll pick from the familiar and the much loved. I will be writing about 26 fascinating people, people who may not have walked the earth in body but are as real as they come. They are the ones we quote, the ones we dream of, the ones we hate, the one’s we envy or the one’s we aspire to be.

My theme ladies and gentlemen isatoz-theme-reveal-2015-660x4001

Compelling Characters from Books we Love

They may not be the protagonists, they may not even be likeable but they are the ones who have refused to leave us, long after we have put down the book.

Between making it an all women’s party (I’m partial to women characters) and turning it into a lust list (I’m even more partial to yummilicious men) – I have my task cut out for me. Join me for a date with some of the most fascinating characters fleshed out by great writers.

Head over to the Theme Reveal Fest to check out what the others have in store for you this April.

Coming home to my love

Setting up a new blog is like making a home. Looking for the perfect place, picking a platform, doing it up with ‘widgets’ and ‘accessories’, deciding what goes where and then finally settling in and getting down to the business of living, of giving a voice to your thoughts and feelings.

Beat About the Book is where I’ll talk about my first and everlasting love – the love for the written word.

I fell in love when I was a child, barely 6, though I hardly knew what it was all about back then. It stayed with me as I made my way through school and college, never wavering, even though I barely spared time for it. It stayed on as I battled the hated calculus, memorized obscure elements of the periodic table and tried to delegate assets and liabilities to the best of my ability.

Graduation, MBA and then a job at a Financial Institution –  the schedules were never easy but stolen moments with my love kept me going. Late at night in bed, sometimes on the train or in a bus I found time to nurture it, yet never consciously realising that this here was my one true love.

Then one day I found myself in a small town with no Financial Institution to employ me. Desperate for work, I landed myself a job at the local newspaper. It was like I had come home! It was like those years with Calculus and Trigonometry never existed. Yes I was home, finally.

I knew then that the written word was my one true love, had always been.

Beat About the Book is all about me and my love. Yeah sorry it’s a package – the two of us together. I do hope you’ll enjoy looking around.