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Book Title: Mrs Funnybones
Author: Twinkle Khanna

After the entire world had read it, reviewed it and heaped praises on it, finally I got around to reading Twinkle Khanna’s Mrs Funnybones. In fact, this really isn’t a review at all, just some thoughts about the book. If you’re one of the minuscule number who, like me, haven’t gotten around to it you could take a read.

I read her columns, along with millions of others, and like them too but somehow I kept pushing the book away. The thing is I’m a novel -reader. Bits and bytes of storytelling don’t tempt me. But then the kids’ had their exams and I was looking for something  short, light and happy that I could read on and off between their multiple calls for help. Mrs Funnybones fitted the bill to a tee.

This is a collection of, what seem like journal entries or blogposts, from the life of Twinkle Khanna – a mom of two.

What would have otherwise been random disconnected, though interesting, slice-of-life entries, transform into an engrossing read by her unfailing wit and self-deprecatory humour with bits of life-learnings thrown in. The book is a perfect mix, specially in my current preoccupied state of mind.

I shared this quote on twitter last week. I loved it and apparently, so did some 600 other tweeples.


Mrs Funnybones quote

Twinkle Khanna had a short stint at Bollywood, is the wife of a famous actor and the daughter of one too, however the book doesn’t read like the life of a celebrity. And yet there is no effort to block off the famous family members or shy away from the fame – the husband’s or the mom’s. They step in and out of the pages of the book perhaps just as they walk in and out of the house – easily, naturally, nonchalantly. I enjoyed those  glimpses.

The book has plenty of endearing moments – her sleeplessness over an impending photoshoot as also her worry when a bunch of family members descend at her home for a festive get-together, her rush to the book-store to buy a book that her son needs for an assignment, her impatience with fasting for Karwa Chauth, yet finding the fun in the festivities. Enjoyable, relatable.

The best thing about Mrs Funnybones is that she finds a connect with you without ever getting mundane.

I have to add, though, that try as I might I cannot picture her hailing an auto with two children in tow. Are the days of famous people being mobbed really all gone? Or even that bit where she’s frying McCain samosas in the kitchen, drenched in sweat. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not disbelieving her, just finding it hard to. No, it isn’t the same thing.

Last Thought: A perfect read for the in-between times.

16 Replies to “Mrs Funnybones #booktalk”

  1. I bought the book as soon as it was out. Though I did like it, most of it was recycled from her columns. I finished it in a couple of hours. I felt a bit cheated, what with recycled stuff, large spaces between prints, blank pages. But, it is definitely a breath of fresh air in a space where humour is mostly crass or westernised. We need more in this genre.

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    1. I get what you’re saying and perhaps would have felt the same had I read it up when it came out. And that is why perhaps I was reluctant to pick it up in the first place. Because I went into it with such few expectations I liked it. Plus the fact that it’s light and easy and a good between the exams read :-).


  2. Read this one ages ago. She does have her funnybones in place which is a rare thing to find these days in authors. But like you said some of her experiences felt a tad fictional, can’t imagine her in too mundane a role! Light, breezy read indeed!

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  3. Well I am one of them who thought this would be exactly that- a book about a celeb’s life. Your review seem to have shattered that mirage for me! Infact you have tempted me with your innate knack of reviewing a book- you get into the heart of it and explain it so well!!

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    1. Hey thanks Shalini. You are always generous with your compliments :-).
      It’s an easy humorous on-the-go read for when you don’t have much time.


  4. I too had a hard time viewing this as a book, because to me it seemed like a series of journal entries or an assortment of blog posts at best. Having said that, it was relatable and fun, and like you said, perfect for those in-between times.

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    1. I already knew it was like a collection of journal entries which is why perhaps I wasn’t as disappointed. Isn’t it interesting how many things contribute to whether you like or dislike a book?

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  5. I must be in the minority of people who just could not relate to this book. It felt very..column like and not book-like, to be honest. And I wanted some more meat to get engaged with as a reader. I have a copy of the book, so maybe I will give it another go. As Lata says, I felt cheated because it felt like a recycled version of her columns. Sigh, not an easy thing to move from column writer to novelist and yet some people do it so well!

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    1. No you aren’t Shailaja. A lot of people didn’t like it. I didn’t view it as a novel at all. I read it BECAUSE I was looking for a non-novel so it fitted the bill for me. To be honest, I felt I was reading a mom blog. The fact that it was written by a celebrity somewhat added to the appeal, strange as that may sound.

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  6. I actually enjoyed reading it, more so because it wasn’t all celebrity kind. The part about her mom joking about her weight and maths score both being 92, or so actually, made me feel for her. I mean it must be hard to be an overweight kid of two superstars. It’s a feel good book for sure. Glad you got to take a break in between the mayhem of examination.

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  7. I actually enjoyed it though some of them were very similar to the columns I had already read. I liked her humour and her grasp of language. And like you, I had my own doubts about her doing such mundane things considering that she is a huge celebrity wife. I enjoyed the stuff she shared about her mum and mil and her husband as well. Gives you new eyes about celebrities. I remember that a long time ago when I was doing my graduation, I had met Akshay Kumar. He was shooting for a movie back then. And gosh! He was so handsome. I have seen many actors but this guy was really pure looks. 🙂

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    1. You’ve met Akshay Kumar, WOW!! He really is one of the most good looking men around (other than SRK, of course). I enjoyed the bits where she talks of him too.


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