About the ‘who’ and the ‘why’

Welcome to Beat About the Book, affectionately the BAB.

I love books and the stories they tell. To read my love story with words read my inaugural post.

When in the middle of a good book I can think of little else. It drives me crazy that the book needs to be put down because life has to go on and that it doesn’t care that Scarlet O Hara is letting the love of her life go or that Katniss Everdeen stands at the brink of destruction. Then there’s that bereft kind of feeling when the book ends or that goofy smile you end up with when the end is exactly how you wanted or that absolute frustration when it just doesn’t come together for you – have you felt all of that? That’s what prompted me to start this blog, that compulsion to share how I feel. That’s when the reviews, rather my views, will come along. And sometimes, Beware o Reader, I have my own stories to tell. I promise to keep them as painlessly short as possible.

What you’ll find here are book reviews, author profiles, short stories, flash fiction, kid’s books and some reviews by children themselves – in other words, all things wordy.

If you’re a reader, writer, reviewer, you are invited to share your tales at tulika20@gmail.com and I’ll put them up right here.

See you around, then, my fellow lover of words.

5 Replies to “About the ‘who’ and the ‘why’”

  1. I saw the blog name and I was curious which brought me here. All curiosity sated, I’m off to read your posts 🙂 I’ll be looking for some book recommendations at your abode 😀


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