Coming home to my love

Setting up a new blog is like making a home. Looking for the perfect place, picking a platform, doing it up with ‘widgets’ and ‘accessories’, deciding what goes where and then finally settling in and getting down to the business of living, of giving a voice to your thoughts and feelings.

Beat About the Book is where I’ll talk about my first and everlasting love – the love for the written word.

I fell in love when I was a child, barely 6, though I hardly knew what it was all about back then. It stayed with me as I made my way through school and college, never wavering, even though I barely spared time for it. It stayed on as I battled the hated calculus, memorized obscure elements of the periodic table and tried to delegate assets and liabilities to the best of my ability.

Graduation, MBA and then a job at a Financial Institution –  the schedules were never easy but stolen moments with my love kept me going. Late at night in bed, sometimes on the train or in a bus I found time to nurture it, yet never consciously realising that this here was my one true love.

Then one day I found myself in a small town with no Financial Institution to employ me. Desperate for work, I landed myself a job at the local newspaper. It was like I had come home! It was like those years with Calculus and Trigonometry never existed. Yes I was home, finally.

I knew then that the written word was my one true love, had always been.

Beat About the Book is all about me and my love. Yeah sorry it’s a package – the two of us together. I do hope you’ll enjoy looking around.

12 Replies to “Coming home to my love”

  1. Aha! This is awesome. Congratulations for your new home, Tulika!! Looking forward to read more from you at this space! Cheers! 🙂


  2. Congratulations, Tulika! Loved the heartfelt words for your love. May your love for books spread far and wide to warm the hearts of many others.


  3. Congratulations on your brand new space, Tulika. I too have done my MBA in Finance and worked in the financial space for quite a few years. However, my one true love affair was always with the books I read. So excited that you created a space dedicated to them. Cheers!


    1. Thanks Shantala. Isn’t it strange how sometimes we can go through half our lives without realising what we truly want to do?


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