Making a Case for the Grinch

All the maudlin love that’s been on this blog for the past two weeks would have made this week’s character wrinkle his much wrinkled and very green nose in disgust. He would probably have dunked a big bucket of gunk on Elizabeth and Darcy for good measure.

Ladies and gentlemen! Presenting ….. The Grinch from How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

The Grinch
The Grinch

If you have missed this gem of a story by the irrepressible Dr Seuss, here’s what happened :

The Grinch lives in a cave high above the land of Who-Ville. Friendless and alone he watches the people, hating them with intense dislike. Each year as they come together to celebrate Christmas hand in hand, singing the Christmas song, his dislike grows to bitter loathing. Finally he can take it no more and sets out to ‘steal Christmas’. He disguises himself like Santa Clause and goes house to house picking up Christmas trees, stockings, presents and even the feast. Smug in his victory he retires to his cave. And then he hears it – the singing. The people of Who-Ville are singing. Even without the gifts and the lights, the trees and the food they are singing. What’s worse, they sound just as happy, just as cheerful.

That’s when The Grinch has his epiphany.

The Grinch quote

Down he comes to the people of Who-Ville, with the gifts and goodies to celebrate the true spirit of Christmas.

Isn’t that the best feel-good story of all time? No one can tell it quite like Dr Seuss. No one can create a villain quite like him.

And yet can you blame The Grinch?
Even when he was mean and bad I had the tiniest soft spot for him. Imagine living on your own, in a cave, not a friend in the world and having to watch everyone else creating a hoo-haa about a festival you don’t even like. Enough to turn anyone grumpy. Despite his evil bluster and the bit about hating-the-noise he had to have felt envious. What’s more he puts up with it for fifty-three years before he sets out to steal Christmas. That’s something.

The film just makes it more believable with that sad back-story. What would you expect of a child who has been bullied and then ostracized? Who has been laughed at by all the other kids? Yeah, a Grinch he shall become.


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27 Replies to “Making a Case for the Grinch”

  1. I’ve seen the movie ( i think, don;t know for sure) …I do not remember exactly 😉

    An entry i would not have expected anyway, so its surprising.

    Have a nice day
    Melody (abc-w-team)

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  2. I didn’t care for the Grinch until I saw the movie. The poor kid. Without love, of course, a person is going to turn out grouchy. The story goes to show that there’s a soft spot in every mean-spirited person. I believe that honest affection without conditions given can slowly and surely thaw out the meanness. Dr. Seuss knows his stuff. 🙂
    The View from the Top of the Ladder


    1. Yes right. Dr Seuss is just perfect for kids. Have you read his Cat in the Hat? We’ve enjoyed that too.


    1. He’s fun. And the book is all rhyming so reading it aloud is such a pleasure. The film is worth a watch too.


    1. It’s one of those books that’s meant for kids but make for a great read for adults too. Try to find it online Parul.


  3. The Grinch is the bomb. I love the Grinch! Seriously love the Grinch. My daughter was 2 when the Grinch Stole Christmas came out and because of her I can recite dialogue verbatim and also had the book and can recite that by heart! LOVE♥


    1. I have a fair idea how that can happen. When kids take a liking to something they just never tire of it. And the Grinch is well worthy of it.


    1. We all loved it too though like I said my daughter was a little scared by the characters to begin with.


  4. Wonderful writing! Only an ardent bibliophile can do this. Love your style. Read almost all your blogs. Would be glad if you could review mine to!


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